Well and Septic Inspections in Residential Real Estate Transactions

If the home you are selling is not served by public water and sewer, you will need to provide your buyer a recent well and septic inspection report. Your buyer's lender will probably also require this as a part of financing. The report will give the buyer peace of mind that the well and septic is in good working condition and meets current standards.

What will an inspector be looking for?

    • Well

      A review of health department records, if available, should show the size and depth of the well. The inspector will also look at the isolation distance from the well to the septic system. Water samples are collected and tested for nitrates, nitrites, E. coli and sometimes lead, depending on the requirements of the lender.
    • Septic

      The inspector will look at the size of the septic system, its location on the property and if there are any problems with the system. It is recommended that the septic system be pumped prior to the inspection.


Area well and septic inspectors

Kathleen Hill
169 Kings Blvd

Paul Burch
3862 Kirkshire Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508